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Project Description


When a tanker ship laden with illicit cargo lands in Port Newark-Elizabeth Terminal, a highly trained group of government agents must pinpoint where, and more importantly who, the shipments are coming from. Could these shipments, full of looted arts and antiquities, be tied to funding a group of Middle East extremists?

FBI Agent Layla El-Deeb is informally selected to go undercover in her hometown of Cairo as an art collector, and use her experience and knowledge of multiple languages to infiltrate the inner-circle of elite buyers and sellers. When her troubled past and quickly developing feelings for an art dealer's son complicate her judgment, she struggles to differentiate her cover-character from her true self.

False Idols is a fast-paced international thriller that asks serious questions about identity. How much do the social circles we operate in define us and how can we better seek out our true selves, as we strive to succeed in our personal and professional lives.

Through a partnership with Serial Box, False Idols is the first Serial Box title to see a physical, omnibus publication, made possible by Adaptive Studios.

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